Dreamin' Your Leadership - E-book
  • Dreamin' Your Leadership - E-book

This book is describes a journey, during which memories start to surface about dreams and events that have made us into who we are today. When we decide it’s time for change and start pursuing our dreams, it’s important to leave behind certain baggage and burdens. We can then replace those by new support mechanisms, helping us to succeed. This book is an introduction on how to do so. It’s been written as if you’re part of an adventure yourself, keeping you intrigued from beginning to end.


Roy Martina
, holistic doctor, international bestseller author, trainer and speaker and develop of the revolutionary method Omega Healing:
Lexje* is a 5D dreamer with 3D results. Her talent is to manifest in a creative manner, meaning she activates her Right side of the brain, which can think in 5D and then realize this in the real 3D World. This course will teach you the basic principles to manifest whatever it is you want.

Brigitte Sumner, writer, entrepreneur coach, trainer and speaker-Turnaround Coaching & Consultancy Ltd. Great Brittan:
This book is inspiring with yet a serious note. Things which seem futile are discussed, turning out to have a serious impact on your life. The good news is however that by using these insights, you have the ability to adjust your future and live the way you want to. Elise has stated now and for ever that you have the choice to live your life the way you want to. She applies this in her life as well, successfully.

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